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4LAND Cartografia


For over 20 years alongside hikers and professionals

4LAND is the trademark of the printed and digital cartographic production of the publishing house 4LAND Srl of Bolzano.

The distinctive feature of 4LAND’s cartographic production consists in the use of GPS data collected on the ground and managed in GIS (Geographic Information System) environment to make printed and digital precision cards. In printed and digital versions, we offer coverage of:

How our maps are created

The 4LAND Method

Making a maps means integrating different scientific disciplines with artistic methodologies, to merge numerical data in a rigid but aesthetically appreciable and easily understandable representation of reality.

01 Relief

GPS tracking of trails and P.O.I.

02 Data collections

GPS data entry in the geodatabase, validation on satellite images and LIDAR, integration with other data.

03 Correction

Stages of corrections, checks, inspections, revision of drafts by local experts (mountain guides, rescuers, mountaineers, MTB guides, technicians of protected areas).

04 Graphic

Process of realization of the shadings of background in order to emphasize the morphology of the ground.

05 Production

Assembly of the various levels, color assignment and graphic retouching with dedicated software. Cartographic design for printing and digital. Product placement in digital channels and editorial distribution.

This process that we summarize in a few lines, actually branches out into a myriad of processes and details, which often make the time of making a paper very long. On average, to make a 4LAND map takes 4 months of painstaking work that involves several people.

The workflow developed over the years and improved every day, allows us to have a strict quality control on the data and then on the cards made. Our data is organized in such a way that it is always able to adapt easily to changes of scale for the realization of guides, books, atlases, brochures, panels, or any other format and size of products.

The high quality and precision are the strengths that make 4LAND cards unique and inimitable.


We develop our projects with the best professionals in the field.

Maps for nature lovers

Our maps are made of Polyart, a special technical paper made without the aid of vegetable fiber, 100% recyclable that does not contain chlorine or other products that could damage the ozone layer. A unique production process, to make an exceptional synthetic paper Able to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions, waterproof and tear-resistant.


4LAND is among the winners of the Avenza Award, attended by professionals from around the world

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