How 4LAND maps are made

How 4LAND maps are made

Make a topographic map means integrate different scientific disciplines with artistic methodologies, and to blend numeric data into an accurate representation of reality which is aesthetically appreciable and easily understandable. Our workflow starts with the acquisition of field data with GPS and ends with the production of the map, printed and digital, although it never really ends because we are committed to keep updating the database based on the continued reports that we receive.

In summary, these are the main steps to realize a topographic map::

  1. GPS surveying of roads, paths and P.O.I.
  2. GPS data insertion in the geo-database, data validation on satellite imageries and LIDAR, and final integration with other geo-data.
  3. Phases of corrections, audits, inspections, proofreading by local experts (mountain guides and rescuers, mountaineers, MTB guides, land manager technicians, etc.).
  4. Highlights and shadows are meticulously employed to enhance and shape the topography of the land. The numerical data are treated with various softwares and finally assembled with Photoshop’s plug-in “Imager” to achieve real digital sculptures of the land.
  5. The final touch: migration of GIS data into Adobe Illustrator environment. Cartographic Design for the highest quality standard of printed and digital maps.
  6. Inserting products in digital channels and publishing distribution.

This process, which we summarized in few lines, in reality it requires a myriad of processing hours to work on the many details and often needs very long to complete it; indeed, on average, takes at least 4 months of work done by several people.

The GIS environment with its geo-database is the system that allowed us to manage all the geographic data and to provide the most up-to-date data to insert into a graphics systems in Adobe environment. The workflow developed over the years and improved every day, allows us to have a strict quality control on the data and hence on the maps that we realize.
The highest quality and accuracy are the strengths that make 4LAND maps unique and inimitable. In a time in which the mapping has become open source, we still want to bet on a working method “Renaissance style”, which tries to combine passion, beauty and precision.